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Hey guys, like the title says I have a 97 Integra Type R with stock B18C5. Love the car and don't plan on ever selling it, but the engine has seen better days.
Background, the engine has slowly started to develop some issues with rough idles and recently a really bad vibration that shakes the entire dash when under heavy acceleration. Mostly in 1st and a little in 2nd gear when going from a complete stop. It doesn't vibrate while driving, I'm thinking it's a possible blow rear mount and torque mounts?
Last night I did a compression test on the engine and the results came back as followed:
Cylinder 1 - Dry - 200 / Wet - 270
Cylinder 2 - Dry - 200 / Wet - 260
Cylinder 3 - Dry - 200 / Wet - 260
Cylinder 4 - Dry - 130 / Wet - 170
The engine is the original from new so I'd like to keep it and rebuild it if possible.
The car is on jack stands and wont be moving for the foreseeable future for now. I live in Calgary, Canada so if anyone on here knows of quality people or shops to get work done that would be awesome. I'm also confident to do most of the labor myself, getting the head and block out if need be.
My question is what are my next possible options?
I've been told it could be as simple as replacing the rings and valve seals, but id like to explore my options.

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Few things that could be wrong, so I suggest you perform a leak down test before you tear it apart.

1. Damaged/broken top and/or 2nd compression ring(s). In that case your cylinder wall may have been scored as a result.
2. Burnt or bent exhaust or intake valve(s)
3. Blown/burnt head gasket around cylinder #4.
4. Spun rod bearing, however, it would be accompanied by a knock, hence this is not the case hear based on your description.
5. Cracked cylinder, although I doubt detonation would cause such a damage unless you have a forced induction engine. Still a possibility.
6. Burnt/damaged valve seat(s)
7. Cracked/damaged/burnt piston top
8. There is a chance that the top and 2nd compression ring gaps have lined-up
9. Cracked cylinder head
10. The timing is off, although your compression would likely be off in all 4 cylinders.
11. Spark plug hole threads are damaged allowing partial compression out
12. Theoretically if the lobes on intake and/or exhaust cams are damaged in a certain way, it could keep the valves to stay open longer. The chance of that being the case is extremely minimal.
13. Key way(s) damaged on either the harmonic balancer, the crank, the cam(s) or the cam gears. Although the compression loss would likely be noted in each cylinder.
14. Head bolts #9 and #10 may have lost partial torque due to the weakened threads and may have backed out.
15. No, the valve stem seals would have nothing to do with it.

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