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95 to 96+ LS valve cover *searched*

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Ok I have searched and read through all the posts and have not found a resolve for the PCV hoses. Look at the diagram here

I know that the hose #5 will have to be replaced by hose #15 but what do i do with hose #4, the one that used to go to the PCV valve? Anybody that has a 96+ LS if you could just look at youyr and let me know it would save me alot of trouble, as I am lost as to what to do with the left over hose.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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you dont use it because the pcv valve is built into the 96+heads..the 96+ doesnt have that hose.
How is the breather chamber plumbed in the 96+ ?
dont ask me i have no clue..all i know is that the pcv valve is in the valve not even sure where the breather chamber is.
hehe it is #1 on the diagram. I knew that the 96+ had the PCV valve in the valve cover lol, I have one ready to be put on, just have to figure out the PCV system first.
do yourself a favor and run that pcv valve line to a catch can..
If I read everything correctly, your breather is routed back in your intake.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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