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I don't have the EDFC, but I do have the Flex. You'll need the ITR control arms unless they make it for the non-ITR now...

I think the rear springs are a bit soft and have changed them out for a stiffer one... but besides that, I'm pretty happy with the setup.

I think for autocross, the rears could be even stiffer than what I have. (stock is 224, mine are from the SS: 336). I couldn't tell you how it is for a road course because I haven't been on one yet.

For everyday driving, it's pretty stiff. I don't ride mine on full soft, but rather what I have it set for autocross. I don't believe in riding on full soft... I just think it's going to wear the shocks out. Might be true, might be just in my head, but I'm fine riding on this setting.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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