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Replaced the auto transmission on a DC4 with one from a DB7 that burned a ****load of oil. When I was pulling the transmission from the DB7 I guess the kickdown cable got stuck on something and pulled it super tight and the cam (or whatever it's called) on the transmission "popped" 90 degrees out of place and won't return back. It will still rock forward, but not back.

I went to the old transmission and pulled on that kickdown cable to see what happened and I heard a distinct "pop" as it moved and got st uck there. I tried prying and hitting it back and it broke off, so not trying that on the new transmission.

Am I totally screwed and have to pull the trans apart? I found a few other threads on this issue but they're all dead ends.

Here's what it looks like. I don't have a comparison picture but it should be about 90 degrees counter clockwise. That's the position it's stuck in now.

Here's the old transmission. When I tried to pry it back it broke the shaft.

Any help would be appreciated. I do not want to have to pull the transmission again and have to rip it all apart. I might rip apart the old one if no one knows what to do and see what went wrong internally.
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