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Temps are high in Texas, (100+) on the highway headed home about a week ago my temp gauge was wayyyy hot, (2nd photo ) it never reached all the way red, but would get close, about 75% of the way. Bled the system incorrectly, but adding coolant helped a bit, temps held a bit longer but after a bit on the highway holding speeds 60+ and after some aggressive pulls temp gauge would rise to the point I’d have to cruise in the left lane lower than 60 to get it to cool down. Bled the system again properly, and temps held much better, it never overheats in the mornings, but on the way home temps reached the middle and would start to rise, but fall back to middle and sorta teeter around there, temps held longer but after a bit yet again rose, causing me to need to cruise on the right to cool it down, bled it one more time and after some highway driving, an aggressiveness I hit some traffic, and temps started rising (this is like 30min after fresh bleed, and first photo), temps no longer get too far past midway but will pass it just a tad and stay around there if she starts getting hot. My fans do come on, (I noticed during the bleed they came on before temps even reached midway?) and gauge will start to fall, but they don’t stay on long and temps will come back. Lower rad hose gets hot so thermostat is opening. Rad cap was still a bit pressurized an hour after sitting while off “popped” like a soda can. Coolant had a few bubbles but eventually stopped during bleed. Everything is stock far as I know. I have an extra rad I can put it, that’s my next try. I don’t have smoke out the tailpipe. During second bleed I noticed throw up bucket was dry, despite being filled last bleed (improper one) but rad was full. Any ideas?
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