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Howdy. I bought my 1994 Integra LS in 2000. I drove it daily for a long time. I taught my wife how to drive stick with it. I taught 3 of my kids to drive stick with it. Each of them drove it as their daily driver until they saved up enough to buy their own cars. It has seen much abuse and several names including Flavio, and Reginald. I've finally reclaimed my baby (now with 318k miles!), and I'm really excited to get it back to health and learn some things along the way! I don't really know what I'm doing, but I'm happy to try and figure it out!

I really want it to be the sexiest car on the road again and would love it if my now 7 year-old also learned stick and drove it to school every day!

Thanks for having me! I hope to learn a lot here!! Wish me luck!!



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