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94 gsr to sell?

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I currently own a 1994 GSR which I have owned since 2002. I am giving consideration to selling the GSR because of the hig mileage (180K) I bought with 105k. My thinking is to sell my current GSR and hope to find one within 6 months with less than 80k and is stock....thats how bought my current car and would def prefer that way again.........Would i be better off selling my GSR outright or maybe parting out? the rear quarters on both sides have some rust and I am not sure I want to deal with putting money into boday and enging (engine runs strong, but does burn some oil) Any opinions on this???
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You could probably get about $2,000 for it ..

... Kelley Blue Book is a good place to start your decision making .. I would just sell it and get what I could if I was you ..
yeah got a blue book value $2500 in fair conditon with 180k miles.
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