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Photo: Ralph Hawkins

The finished car at the Streets of Willow Springs in California for the 2007 Sport Compact Car Magazine Ultimate Street Car Challenge (USCC).

Index of Updates with Topics:

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Post #18, page 14 - (pics) right rear wheel well, fuel door
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Post #21, page 18 - (pics) quarter flares, wheels & tires, concept sketches
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Post #25, page 31 - (pics) dash & console
Post #26, page 36 - (pics) HVAC & steering column
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Post #29, page 41 - (pics) Shifter mechanism
Post #30, page 43 - (pics) Shifter mechanism complete
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Post #32, page 46 - (pics) brake lines, throttle cable, bead roller
Post #33, page 48 - (pics) shop tour
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Post #35, page 51 - (pics) A/C lines, fuel filter, EGRCV
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Post #120, page 246 - (pics) USCC #1
Post #121, page 250 - (video) USCC #2 - Raw Display of Horsepower


After purchasing a wrecked 97 Prelude VTEC with 90k miles off eBay and a theft recovery 94 GSR in Charlotte, the conversion process is now well on it's way. I spent most of the spring designing and planning the conversion and began the fabrication process in July.

I basically chopped the front end off the Prelude at the firewall and stripped it down to the front horns, shown here with the cross members and lower suspension arms mocked up.



After stripping the GSR down to the shell and shimming under the jack stands to get it level (I have no surface plate), these pics show the frame used to transfer measurements taken from the structure above into the back of the GSR. The frame is square and level so I could use a plumb bob to locate points from the Prelude front structure into the GSR and cut the hole.





Note string down centerline. Very important to have everything centered and square so the car doesn't "crab" down the road. ;)

This shows the cardboard pattern I made of the Prelude horns to help locate the cut as precisely as possible. I had to cut the shock tower out of the way to place the pattern square and level.



The hole's been cut...It's on now!...No turning back :eek:




Sorry for the dark pic, but these next few show 97 Prelude front uprights (knuckles,spindles...) purchased from a junkyard adapted to the GSR front suspension for 5 lug hubs all around. This also gives me the large front brake rotors and calipers from the Prelude at all 4 corners.



There are only two things I had to do to use the Prelude uprights. one was ream the lower ball joint hole in the GSR lower control arm to accept the larger Prelude upright lower ball joint. (holes are 7 degree standard taper, 1.5" per foot). The other was to drill and tap the GSR rack ends to accept the Prelude inner tie rods.

I also converted the GSR power steering rack to manual by drilling a 1/2" hole in the rack and removing the piston seal and by connecting the fluid inlets in rack with tubing so the air in the cylinder can move back a forth freely as the car is steered. The 1/2" hole is sealed with a piece of flat rubber held by a pipe clamp.


No longer front wheel drive, thus no front drive axles, I used a 1" grade 8 fine thread bolt torqued to 192 ft.-lbs. to hold the preload on the front wheel bearings. There is a conversion formula to calculate bolt torque for equivalent tension load between two different bolt sizes and thread pitch. I also made a small bushing to hold the 1" bolt centered in the splined hole in the hub.

This pic shows the cuts made in the quarter panel to flare it for the wider track of the Prelude. Otherwise the stock 205/50R16 tires on stock 6.5" wide wheels stick out past the quarter about an inch. I'll flare the quarters out 2" to allow for 16x7.5 wheels in the rear.

This series of pics show front supports from the Prelude being fitted into the hole in the rear of the Integra...



Frame jig used to locate hole is re-installed to locate the frame structure.



Right rear wheel well with lower suspension arms installed to make sure wheel is centered in wheel well.

Left rear wheel well.

The process of welding the frame to the shell has begun and I've been working on adjustable upper control arm mounts. More pics of that coming soon!

Questions and comments are welcome and encouraged.


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Very nice and ballsy. I would be worried about the alignment issue...but then you probly have that figued out.

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holy sh*t that's insane.

AWESOME work, and I thought the rwd integra was crazy. This puts it to shame.

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If its for will have to be an "open"

I dont think you'll have an understeer problem....

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SKiLLZ! You got skillz man! Can't wait to see the final product.

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Post #DC2H22-2
Thanks for all of your responses! I'll try to answer them:

Money: I have less than $4k in it now with a budget of $10k. I plan to use the rest of the budget for suspension package and wheels and tires.

Time; Yes, it is very time consuming. I spent about 2 months researching, designing and planning and have about 2 months in the fabrication so far. The progress is much faster now, just welding all the parts together. Designing and fabricatinging all the parts by hand is slow.

Alignment: It's basically a 97 Prelude front suspension with some modifications for anti-squat, roll center and camber gain. Static alignment will start at -1 degree camber, 1/16" total toe in.

Why do it: I had a 91 NSX for about 18 months and loved it, but alas too expensive and worried me to death driving it. A rock chip would have killed me. I drove it 1800 miles and had to let it go. I'd hoped the delSol would be mid-engine RWD, but not to be. I have many track miles in a supercharged MR2, which was the most fun car I've ever had on track, but I've always liked Hondas. My goal with this is to build a really nice driver with decent performance, and excellant ride and handling. It will definately see some track time to fully sort it out, but is not intended as a racecar.


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Very nice engineering project. I wish you luck and cant wait to see the result.

Do you have an estimate on what the weight distribution will be after you finish?

Are you gonna put any intake ducts in the rear fenders?

How about engine cooling and insulating the interior from engine heat? Obvioulsy you're gonna need to have engine access from underneath the car.

It's very challenging, so good luck again.

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what direction is the engine gonna be? like lets say.... what direction will the headers be facing?

If you race on a road course or something, I bet it's gonna get hot in that cabin haha

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hpracing007 on Sep/05/04 said:
what direction is the engine gonna be? like lets say.... what direction will the headers be facing?

If you race on a road course or something, I bet it's gonna get hot in that cabin haha

I was wondering the same thing. Also what tranny will you be using? This is, quite possibly, the sickest project I've seen on, ever. I can't wait to see the finished product.
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