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hey my friend called me last night at like 1045 from the local target and hes like "hey, dont you collect those modifier thingys?" "yea i do why?" "cause this target has the ones the size of a hotwheels for 3.99" "do whattt?!!" "forreal 3.99 integra, eclipse, and civic" "now way they like 13bks at KBs trust me they arent that cheap" "well im standin here holdin a green integra, these arent the normal ones, you can ony chage the rims on them, too small to do anything else" "sweet ill go tommorow".......that was pretty much the convo, i was the disbeliever, im goin in a bit to see if they really are only bringin a 20 just in case....just thought id share, to target i go.....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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