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$250+shipping or local pickup (Orlando, Florida )

This ad is for a used, genuine OEM Acura Integra trunk mat for the 1994 - 2001 sedan (4-door, DB7 / DB8). Please note, this is for the sedan/ 4 door model and WILL NOT FIT THE 3 DOOR, DC2, HATCH BACK MODEL.

As you know, this is a very rare and highly sought after item. This carpet was fully restored by myself. I hand washed it with Simple Green, then Oxyclean and finally I finished with Gain Fabric softener. It looks brand new on the top side, I can not find one imperfection on it and it smells great after the gain fabric softener.

The back side was cracking, as is common for these mats, so I coated it in flex seal to preserve the carpet and to prevent the little pieces of the backside from falling off and making a mess in your trunk. The back side, as you can see from the pictures, now has a glossy rubber finish to it that should last for a long, long time.

The only reason that I am selling this mat, is that I mistakenly bought it for my three door Integra and did not realize the fit was off, until fully restoring it and laying it down into my trunk. Please do not make the same mistake that I did, as it breaks my heart to have sell this carpet after spending so much time, effort and money getting it to this beautiful, like new condition.


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