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Greetings! this is my first post on this website so I apologize in advance please let me know if I need to clarify anything.
so I have a 2001 Integra Ls I recently put a GSR transmission in and everything has been completed except I am still running the automatic ECU.
the auto ECU has been giving me idling issues so I bought a 37820-P75-A05 ECU from a manual Integra and an OBD2B to OBD2A conversion harness. I took it to the dealer to see if I could get it reprogrammed because I know that the newer Integra's have an immobilizer that I need to get through and they tried but told me they couldn't get into the ECU.
So at this point I am unsure if I purchased the incorrect ECU for my application or If I need to step down to OBD1 to get my car to idle and perform like normal again. Preferably I would like to stay OBD2 but I will do what I have to I just want to enjoy my car again :(
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