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2000 Acura Integra Type R. Unfortunately, I must part with my 2000 Acura Integra Type R #1526. These rare cars were only available in the United States in 97, 98, 00, and 01. It is Flamenco Black Pearl, which sets it apart from the 2001 Nighthawk Black Pearl. Black Type Rs were not available in 97 or 98. She has been extremely well maintained and only has roughly 65,000 miles. Oil changes were done roughly every 2500-3000 miles and other maintenance has been kept on top of. There is no check engine light!!! I will email more information with other pictures upon request. There are extra parts included with the sale as well. Please, serious inquiries only because I am busy with school. Prices are negotiable. Trades are welcome, but really looking for stock or near-stock 92-95 Civic hatchback + cash ($9000ish). Remember, please make offers!!! Looking to get around $13.5k or ballpark range.
Brand new OEM JDM headlights. (Old pair included)
CRV wheels painted bronze/gunmetal. Kumho Ecsta 711 (205/50/15). 2 could use
replacing soon. Bumper minus lip with drilled holes in front. (New bumper
and NEW carbon fiber VIS front-lip included)
Tinted windows
JDM airbag block off tray
JDM shiftboot
Acura CL CD player (got it because of the tray) No ITR radio.
OMP Brake pedal
NRG quick release with MOMO Tuner wheel (OEM steering wheel and passenger airbag
included; both never deployed)
No rear seats. Cut panels because of the removed autopower rollbar.

DC JDM 4-1 Ceramic header
Carsound cat
DC b-pipe
Spoon N1 axleback (silencer included)
Comptech Icebox intake
Mugen Lug nuts (oem included)
Spoon magnetic drain plugs (oil pan + tranny)

Black Widow 2-way pager alarm. pager remote does not work and there is a
regular remote that works. no siren, no transmitter. (thieves got it)

Within the past 8 months:
New catalytic converter (passed emissions)
New rotors/OEM brake pads

I have receipts for just about every item!! This car is legit and my pride &
joy. only if I could keep her...
Please email me or PM me for more information. [email protected]

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Thieves. You mentioned these in your post.

What happened? Did they damage anything that had to be replaced? Did they just flatbed the car or did they hotwire and drive off with it?

Engine immobilizer, is it still good?

How many keys come with it?

Who did the paint job on the front bumper?

Where are the stock wheels?

All modifications done well or would you say some are questionable?

Was it ever in an accident? If so, bad or not so bad?

You say you still have the stock headlights, do you also have the stock front bumper?

Are you using the JDM bumper support or did you modify the bumper to make the USDM bumper support work?

I'll PM and email you these questions as well.

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^^ i have a very detailed description of the car. send me your email address and all your questions will be answered. briefly however, the thieves were not able to start the car and took only my shiftknob, jdm airbag tray, and misc personal items. they did damage to the entire steering column, clutch pedal, and current alarm system. everything was repaired other than my alarm.

the immobilizer is still good. the car will come with two original keys + valet.
the paintjob was done by honda hinshaws.
stock wheels and rear seats were sold a long time ago.
the modifications are not half-assed whatsoever.
i only have an extra set of jdm headlights and the jdm front-end is a complete conversion. the car has the jdm bumper support, jdm bumper extension installed.

car has CLEAN WA title, registered.

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not interested in a trade for another integra. the rims are good winter wheels. it has a wider stance than the oem wheels. if people are not happy because there are no oem wheels, why not offer less than what i'm asking to accomodate purchasing ITR wheels in the future? also, integrapunk67, what's a "not reasonable" price? you gotta make an offer before saying it's not reasonable.
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