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I'm running a BWFM200 (Black Widow) 2-way FM alarm...
I have my transmitter extended all the way to the back of my GS-R... it had good range to it.
The place that also installs them told me that if i take out the bezel and place it up under the dash... that it would reach the farthest.IT DOSENT... AND IT GIVES ME WRoNG SIGNALS

They then told me to place the transmitter in the A-column... I CANT FIT THAT IN THERE! the transmitter's to big!

Can anyone help out with this? Where to place it? For best range AND ACCURATE SIGNALS


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If you're worried about someone cutting the transmitter wire, just get a pager that accepts the signal. If the line is cut, it'll send an instant ground signal to the pager. My system is custom, but i'm sure viper or baretta have comparable systems with pagers. I would look into those if you are seriously worried about thieves.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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