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I'll try to explain it in a way that you'd understand. The prefix mono means one or single. A mono-block amplifier has 1 channel, if you follow, can amplify one unique signal (example: the left front speaker's signal).

A two channel amp can amplify two unique signals, for example, the front left AND right speaker signals.

You might want to specify what amp you own. Some multi-channel amplifiers (more than one channel) are not able to bridge channels. From, bridging is
[url="" said:
from the12volt[/url]] "Combining two outputs of an amplifier to use as one, usually to a woofer. The provides an increase in power output (wattage) necessary to reproduce lower frequencies at higher volume levels"
You can use one sub. You can run it on a single channel of a two channel amp, or you can bridge the two channels. Note that bridging a two channel amp essentially makes it a one channel amp (able to output a single unique signal).

I'm seriously thinking we need an audio tutorial of some sort.
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