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I recently picked up a super clean low miles integra shell that the previous owner had taken apart and started to do a wire tuck. The engine bay has been completely gutted and the harness has been pulled through the firewall on both sides. The driver side has been ran through the fender and seems to be done correctly but the passenger side has not and is sitting in the passenger floor board deloomed as well as the ecu and some other harnesses that connect under dash/fuse box. I'm doing my best to find all the homes for everything and wrap each bundle back up but i have a few stragglers and I'm not sure where exactly they go. I'm hoping that someone can help. If not I guess i will have to find a new wiring harness from a another integra to swap over. I'm really hoping i don't have to go that route but if i have to, then it is what it is.

Here are some pictures below and I can take more if needed.

Thank you


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