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water leaked into blower motor.
Got the motor out after figuring out it was a hex, torx normal
slot 8mm screw rather than a phillips.
Before I put another motor in I want to be sure I fix the leak.

From what I gather this is common when the lower window
seal goes bad.

My problem is I don't know how the the button fastener
on the exterior of the window come out or the ones in the engine

bay . Does anyone have any info on this before I go Gorilla on
I tried looking up the part on the Acura parts websites but

it's not under front window Trim and I have a Repair manual
but am having the same problem .

I saw a DIY on how to repair it on a 1993 but I have a G2
2006.(I messed up should be 1996 Integra GSR coupe)


Edit Sorry I should have specified 1996 Integra GSR. Coupe

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I didn't even know you were referring to an RSX until I got to the very last sentence where I saw, "2006".

I'd recommend starting a post off with the type of vehicle that you have, so that users aren't throwing information out at you in reference to a 94-01 Integra.

Additionally, I'm going to move this to the "RSX" section, and rename your title.

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Sorry I meant 1996
time warp
Ok. I'll change this.


You don't have a "G2". The generation 2 Integra's were 1990-1993. You have a G3.
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