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I sold the car to a local guy.

So I have decided to part ways with my car. Right now it is a rolling chassis since the head gasket blew on the LS/VTEC and I never repaired it. It has sat for a bit given my life had some changes in the last year.

The bad:
  • B18B block needs rebuild
  • Brakes were removed, but stored to keep from rusting
  • Hood is damaged
  • Honda cancer on fenders
  • 5 LS Meshie wheels, need tires

The good:
  • GSR head is great. It is ported out
  • Skunk2 intake mani
  • ITR replica 2.5inch collector header
  • BLOX test pipe
  • Apex'i WS2 exhaust
  • Blackworks radiator
  • comes with 2 sets of wheels, steelies and LS Meshies (mentioned above)

  • Fake ITR spoiler
  • Megan front strut bar

Now I also have a full 1998 B18C1 block and trans. I got these after blowing the head gasket to do a full GSR swap. The good news is that the GSR head, block, and trans are all numbers matching. I got them from the same 98 GSR. I am selling the GSR motor as well.

I would prefer to move the car immediately and only asking $500 for the car, or $1300 for the car and GSR motor swap.

Car is located in Central Illinois, LaSalle county area. I would prefer to sell it, otherwise I am going to scrap the car.


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