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I've had it since 89K miles, and it now has 160K.
It was running great a couple months ago, then suddenly developed a miss
on acceleration and idles slightly ruff. No backfires. Almost like bad gas.
The weird part is, sometimes it seems to get better and then worse, all in the same trip across town. Cold or hot, any time, it can act up.
On the freeway, at constant speed, its hardly noticeable.

A year ago I put in a new cat, to pass smog. I also put in a new fuel pump and relay.
It seems just like a bad spark plug or wire.
So far I've replaced the fuel and air filter, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, module, coil, PCV valve, ground wire, and pulled the EGR to see if it worked. I also did a vacuum gauge check, it was about 23/24.
I've ran a couple tanks of gas through it and ran a tank with Seafoam as well.
It starts right up, gas mileage seems normal and if I really step on it, from about 3000 rpm, it goes pretty good.
I've studied a couple hundred posts for answers, but now I'm wondering what next?

I'm retired, a corvette restorer, ground up, so I've build dozen of motors and figured
out 100's of problems in my life time, but anything computerized, gets me.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Butch
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