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I have a full set of (4) 18" Chrome Rims with tires(all 4 tires in excellent condition) and they come with 3 tires of the exact same size with perfect tread, that I bought for when I wear these tires out. Haven't even had the time to put maybe 100 miles on these yet. They are in Excellent Condition and do not have ANY scratches, curbs, or anything. They are VERY Clean and ready to go as well as the 3 extra tires. They are 4 lug universal, and I have them on my 96 Integra GSR currently. Looking to trade for someones stock 15's,16's Honda/Acura wheels and a regular xbox 360(around $250$300). Thats the only trade I'm looking for currently, or $750.00 takes all 4 rims and tires(excellent cond.), and the extra 3 tires (each worth atleast $80 - $100) The rims are Platinum "Snyper" if you would like to look them up..

PM ME WITH OFFERS OR EMAIL ME AT: [email protected]
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