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Im in a situation. My 2000 boosted gsr converted to obd1 tuned with Crome pro Speedo on cluster is fluctuating bad. When ever i drive sometimes my speedo dont move at all but everything else on cluster works, but the speedo. When the speedo works it goes up and down like crazy out of control, when i hit the gas and accelerate. WHen i have at steady speed, and want to hit gas, the speedo bounces down and i even bog when im going like 45 + the speed drops and my car bogs or slow down out of nowhere. I do not know whats wrong. Please help

I already brought to honda mechanic to test vss and he replace it and it still has the same problem with speedo.
HE told me it could be the cluster. So i replace with a 01 gsr cluster with higher mileage and the speedo still goes crazy. What is up guys ? Please help me??
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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