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hey guys, just got a 00 GSR sedan (had a 01 gsr in high school) now that I have kids I need help with the exhaust. It has to be quiet, close to stock sounding at least under vtec.
00 DB8 sedan gsr, currently swapping in a JDM ITR engine and trans. So the car has a (unknown brand) 4-1 header which I assume is 2.25 collector to stock cat to 5zeigen exhaust. Not quiet lol.
So I need help in 1 of 2 directions, first I can leave the exhaust as it is and swap the current muffler for something quiet. I believe the piping is 2.25 so what is a good 2.25 muffler? ITR stock? or what else comes to mind?
next option since I paid for the ITR swap and it came with the JDM header with 2.5in collector would be to do a full 2.5in exhaust. That would be what? magnaflow cat with dual 02 bungs to magnaflow resonator to again, what muffler? Is the JDM ITR rear 2.5? if not what would you guys think is best for getting the flow gains of the 2.5in exhaust but also not sounding much louder than stock?

Thanks guys
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