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  1. Audio, Security and Electrical
    so i have an integra and i was connecting all the wires to the ecu and noticed that there’s one connector port empty and so far there’s a blue connector and two gray connectors plugged in but one of the middle ones isn’t connected. my main question is do the wires leading out the firewall wrap...
  2. Generation Three
    I recently did an auto to manual swap on my teg and am now having idle issues because of the iac and of course a cel from the auto harness. I have a manual harness and ecu from a 96 ls. I've connected the harness and have noticed there's an extra connector by the distributor now, is that...
  3. Your Integra
    Hey, was changing out a lower coolant hose, and pulled a single pin small swiare white paddle looking connector, cannot find where it came from. Reaches just under thermostat housing, any ideas? Car runs fine without, havent noticed anything weird. 1998 acura integra ls b18b1 motor
  4. Performance
    I have a totaled 93 ls automatic with a chipped obd1 p28 ecu, I also have a 91 ls auto obd0 with pr4a52 ecu, I'm wanting to drop in the a1 but not sure what to do about wiring, I would like to continue using the p28, I've read about jumper harnesses but I think they only work for 5 speed (I...
  5. Generation Three
    So. I was exploring my tegra today and managed to install some aftermarket fog lights in my car. Here's the twist. I didn't use the necessary items that came with it, (relay, 15w thing.) I just went and connected the wire straight to the cruise control power and replaced the button with the...
  6. Your Integra
    Wiring progress... this sucks
  7. Generation Two
    I recently stripped all the unnecessary wires off my tach harness and like a duck I didnt take pictures of the plugs.. anyway, anyone have any pictures of where the green Male plug connects? is it somewhere on the fusebox? Cause I tried digging all through that rats nest to find it.. and...
  8. Projects/ DIY / Article Talk
    I have a 97 integra ls with a b18b1 motor that was recently blown. Looking for swaps and came across a good deal on a b18c1. Is there anything I would need to get as well as far as wiring and ecu goes to do this swap?
1-8 of 8 Results