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  1. Performance
    I recently picked up a 1995 Integra B18B manual transmission that I am wanting to do a bit of building on. It appears the turbo option gives mixed reviews, so I wanted to feel out recommendations on the best performance options. I am not concerned with throwing a little money at the car, just...
  2. New Member Section
    I have a b20v with stock gsr head high compression bottom end and type r cams and noticed when letting off the gas there is a clicking noise in the head and sounds like something is jumping around in the head 3000-4000rpm, I went to a shop and they said the valve spring was cracked but the car...
  3. New Member Section
    Sometime around 2006 or 2007 there was an all integra show put together on here and we all meet up at the park across from East Town Mall off East Washington Ave. We then cruised to Agriculture Drive and vicinity. We then stopped at my grandfathers shop which was not far from where we were. I...
1-3 of 3 Results