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  1. Generation Three
    I have a 95 integra, both the turn signal and hazard fuse keeps blowing. They both blow at the same time. Sometimes it won’t blow for a couple of minutes and other times it blows almost instantly. Any ideas what could be the cause?
  2. Audio, Security and Electrical
    97 integra gsr, turn signals don’t work but hazards do. I’ve checked all fuses but can’t seem to find fuse 26 (auxiliary fuse holder, for turn signals) which seems to be the issue on most models when looking for solutions. I’m not certain if the gsr just doesn’t have an auxiliary fuse or if it’s...
  3. Audio, Security and Electrical
    my turn signals are acting wonky as of late. To start one side is normal, acting as it should. Other side is flashing faster than usual while my headlights are OFF. I swap the sockets and the problem follows to the other side. With my headlights ON, again one side is fine but now the problem...
  4. Audio, Security and Electrical
    Okay, I'm on my last straw with these headlights before I rewire the whole thing. Problem: When I bought the car several months ago, there were no issues with the headlights or turn signals. Then, the mounts broke on my cooler and it dropped. Ever since then, I've had a cascade of blown fuses...
  5. Generation Three
    I bought my car and soon discovered I didn't look over the car nearly enough before I bought it. I found new blinker hubs and day running lights but the corner tiny bulbs and their connectors are seemingly impossible to find. I can only find the connectors I need on eBay but I still can find...
  6. Generation Three
    Let me first begin by saying I despise electrical. Next, the first owner added his own flare to this car by chopping up all the wiring. Cutting turn signals to wire halos, adding jdm side markers thinking that would be good enough, making a mess of the 3 stage viper system in it, ect. Today I...
1-6 of 6 Results