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  1. New Member Section
    I own a 96 integra rs I know not a vtec sad to say but my civic hatch on the other hand... b18c. Ive always wanted one new to these kinds of cars but always wanted one. Im a novice when it comes to tuned cars and all that good stuff. Well this thing is loud as fk and shoots about a 3 foot flame...
  2. Team Integra Project Cars
    Hello, I am researching parts for an Integra (i don't have one yet) but I was wondering if OBD2 (1996+ I believe) is flash tune capable? My friend has a K tuner V2, and I think that flash tuning with a few tunes would be a cool. I have searched all over and couldn't find an answer to this...
  3. Generation Three
    I have a ‘96 gsr that has recently been tuned to get rid of a spark ping issue. Went on a road trip (~400 miles), got into vtec one time, and once I got back into town the oil light started flashing steadily. Drove it home, parked it, and the dipstick had no oil on it when I checked. No smoke...
1-3 of 3 Results