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  1. Generation Three
    So I have a 1998 Integra Gs automatic the transmission is going out so I’m gonna get a new one. would a 97 automatic work or does it have to be 98 transmission
  2. Performance
    I took a sample from my transmission fluid and it seems like the previous owner was using engine oil for the tranny. Now I’m having some shifting issues so I want to start by changing the fluid but I wanted to switch to OE MTF. Do I have to flush the entire system or can I just do a fluid change...
  3. Your Integra
    I am a new proud owner of a 95 Acura Integra type r and I got it running and put a turbo on it new suspension all the bells and whistles. but there is one thing I cant figure out it will start when I have the clutch in but as soon as I let out the clutch it stalls it feels like it is 4th or 5th...
  4. Your Integra
    I’ve just replaced my trans mount as well as change transmission fluid (penzoil synchromesh) which helped for about a week until I wasn’t able to shift again. I can go through the gears fine without the car on or in motion but if the car is in motion or running I can’t get it into gear even...
  5. Advanced Tech Corner
    My 1997 Acura Integr GS in an automatic and the speedometer never works, and it also throws a check engine light. I went to autozone to get the check engine light checked and sure enough it was giving me a code for a transmission speed sensor. Note that the car does like to jerk/hesitate...
1-5 of 5 Results