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  1. GSR Gear Noise at Low Speeds

    Generation Three
    Hey All, I have an 01 GSR w/ 80k miles that makes a noticeable gear whine in first and a more quiet whine in second. Barely can hear it in higher gears. I’ve read that this might be the input shaft bearing. I have minimal if any noise when the clutch is engaged in neutral. The whine continues...
  2. AT Trans Issue

    Your Integra
    So I did a drain and fill on my teggy about a month ago with the new dw1 trans fluid and right after that my transmission developed a hum.few weeks later I lost shifting and eventually reverse and drive. I read to do a 3x3x3 drain and fill and that actually gave me my gears back.i resorted to...
  3. Transmission Identification Help

    Generation Three
    How are y'all doing? i have a 1997/1994 hack vehicle that had the transmission go out in it. I need help identifying the transmission model without the barcode or sticker on top. the sticker on mine has been scratched off. we currently have it narrowed down to either an SP7A OR MP7A...