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  1. Wheels and Tires
    Whatsup y’all! Planning on getting some new wheels for 2000 Integra LS but not sure what tire size to go for. I’m planning on getting 15x8 wheels with a +20 offset. I want tires that don’t rub or require any modifications. Any suggestions? Thanks y’all appreciate it!
  2. Generation Three
    Howdy super new here I am trying to decide what variation of tire size I should go with for my new rims. I have 16x7 w +40 offset. My suspension is lowered around 1.75” in the front and rear(though the front hangs a bit lower). I have taken time to research this but I always seem to find mixed...
  3. Generation Three
    Hey I’m new here to this whole project car mess..watching money pit on YouTube by donut has got me started on this daily driver project of my 96’ integra and I’m ready to start making mods.. already brought a big wilwood brake kit now I’m trying to get some wide tires and rims and need to know...
1-3 of 3 Results