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  1. Generation Three
    I'm doing an engine and trans swap from my (totaled) 2000 GS-R sedan into a 1998 auto GS sedan, and my current dilemma pertains to the difference in the evap systems. I didn't do enough research before I started this, and hadn't realized that the fuel tanks, hard lines that run between the tank...
  2. Advanced Tech Corner
    After searching this and other forums trying to figure out the actual differences in the various B series clutch offerings from Exedy, I reached out to them. I thought you all might be interested in the reply as well since all of the search results I got were just user speculation. I'm putting...
  3. Generation Three
    I was wondering if you could use auto axles on manual tranny, I’ve seen threads on this and I also seen people saying different things, I just wanted to clarify, because I want to keep my ABS. Thanks!
  4. Your Integra
    Hey guys I’ve bought a roller integra. I’m wanting to prep the engine bay and body for paint so I am stripping it down head to toe and removing everything. And yes I will be painting EVERYTHING (I know I don’t have to). My question is since I will be putting in either a b18c1 or possibly c5 what...
1-4 of 4 Results