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  1. Generation Two
    I’m trying to replace the clutch on my DA9, but I’m having problems removing the lower front mount, as I can’t seem to get access to the bottom bolt. I can’t find anything online on taking that mount out, and every video I see on YouTube completely skips over that mount being taken out.
  2. Suspension and Brakes
    My factory struts are going out and bouncing me around. I've seen a bunch of posts about suspension to buy but they're all from 10-ish years ago and was wondering if anything had changed about brand reliability. I want to replace my struts with coil-overs and was wondering what some good options...
  3. Generation Two
    Hey so I have a 92 with a 2000 integra type R suspension and I need to get my front ball joints changed because my front tires sit at an angle right now. My mechanic told me I was going to need adjustable ball joints but does anyone know which ones I would need ?
  4. Suspension and Brakes
    Yeah so I made an account because this was making me mad. Need help on how to get this nut off (pause...).