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  1. Generation Three
    Would I really benefit with skunk2 Intake manifold and 66mm sk2 tb on a stock b20? Its on my DA, converted from obd0-obd1 still using resistor for stock injectors. I’m getting it chipped and tuned, but right now its running leaaaaan. Will this be fixed with a good tune or do I need to get...
  2. Generation Three
    Noob question but do I need to port match a 66mm tb sk2 to skunk2 manifold? I heard the skunk2 manifold opening is only 64mm, will the 2mm make a difference?
  3. Suspension and Brakes
    i currently have some skunk2 pro-s II coilovers on my integra and i got some new stiffer springs (originally 8k new ones are 16k) and i have looked all over and i cannot find any company or anyone that can revalve the shocks to match the spring rate, is there anyone out there?
  4. For Sale Section - Parts
    So ive had this 99 ls for a long while. Theres a thread here someplace that covers the rebuild I did on the engine along with tons of bits and pieces ranging from shifter bushings to crank bearings. I did the build a long time ago and lost access to my original account. Cant for the life of me...
  5. Your Integra
    My 98 Integra has a skunk2 throttle body and aem short ram intake, stock other than that. I have gotten the TPS sensor calibrated multiple times but it keeps giving me issues. Sometimes it revs to high sometimes to low. When i scan the car it says TPS circuit A low. I'm wondering if the bigger...
1-5 of 5 Results