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  1. Your Integra
    This 96 integra has been sitting for a few years. The battery is clearly shot. Wanted to know where I should start to get her running again in case the battery isn’t the only issue.
  2. Generation Three
    Overpaid for a 1997 Integra GS-R about a month ago, mostly stock except for a Yonaka catback and coilovers. It's at 175k miles right now. Right now I'm working on restoring it aesthetically. So getting the interior back to looking like new, removing any surface rust, restoring headlights, etc...
  3. Generation Two
    I am working on buying a 91’ ls hatch with 330,000 miles on it from a coworker and I am wondering how I should go about rebuilding the engine. Not sure if I should try and chase higher n/a hp, just do a basic refresh on the motor, or if a basic refresh is out of the picture with how high the...
1-3 of 3 Results