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  1. Performance
    I had bought a 97 coupe LS frankenstein, has B18c1 trans (type r) with b16 vtec heads, skunk2 intake manifold and stage 3 clutch. the problem i have is after i speed on the freeway usually after im getting off the freeway and i get to a stop the cars RPMs bounce from around 100 rpm to about 1100...
  2. Generation Three
    First thing first, the timing belt cover has a gaping hole. I've read that all B series motor are similar externally so does that mean I can I just take a timing belt cover from any B series engine in the junkyard and use it as a replacement? Secondly, I live in California (yes yes...
  3. Generation Three
    I have a ‘96 gsr that has recently been tuned to get rid of a spark ping issue. Went on a road trip (~400 miles), got into vtec one time, and once I got back into town the oil light started flashing steadily. Drove it home, parked it, and the dipstick had no oil on it when I checked. No smoke...
  4. Suspension and Brakes
    Yeah so I made an account because this was making me mad. Need help on how to get this nut off (pause...).
1-4 of 4 Results