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  1. Generation Three
    I'm looking for a rebuild kit for my 97' Anniversary Edition (RS) which has a B18B1. I'm just wondering how much I should spend on a rebuild kit on eBay or elsewhere. It's got 276,000 km on it and absolutely drinks oil, talking about a liter a week at least. It has perfect compression so it's...
  2. Projects/ DIY / Article Talk
    Hello I have a 1989 acura integra ls with a messed up popup headlight. Does anyone know how to replace these headlights? The left one doesnt come up anymore so is there any way i could manually put that headlight up and just not close them again until i could replace the whole thing? Links to...
  3. Team Integra Project Cars
    Hey y’all, I just put a b18b1 in my 94 civic. It runs on starter fluid but not on its own power, I got it to run for like at least 5 seconds on fuel but then it died. I was like huh, that’s not normal lmao. So I did a voltage test to each injector and found that my ground wires are getting power...
1-4 of 4 Results