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  1. Your Integra
    Hello everyone I am new to the community. I just picked up my all time favorite car a 2000 GSR with a B18C1. It’s been sting 10 years got a pretty good deal with minor flaws. Only issue now is engine won’t turn over but the lights are on. New Battery New Alternator New Starter New fuel filter...
  2. Advanced Tech Corner
    So I have a 92 Da integra. My cv was making a popping noise which I decided I should probably replace it. I replaced the driver side cv axle and trying to get the last bit of the cv out was awful. Pryed on it for a long time with no luck. Ended up welding a piece to it and slide hammering it...
  3. Generation Three
    I have the 97 gs integra when I press in the brakes the brake ligh will not turn on only the driver side and 3rd light will turn on but the passenger one willl not I take out the 10a fuse for the running lights they all work but twilights are off so I take off the 20a fuse for stop and hazard...
  4. Generation Three
    I’m finishing up the swap on my 96 integra but I’m running out of ideas. I swapped a running and driving b18 out of my parts car it’s cranking but not starting I have spark and fueling and my grounds are all connected but still nothing.
  5. Generation Three
    I just bought an 2000 integra and from the vin # its a gsr and it has an obd1 b18b1 from what i read and tried to smog it but it failed because it had code p1457 because theres EVAP leak. Then I saw this hose (pic 1) which I've researched and I'm pretty sure it's the purge solenoid. I was trying...
  6. Generation Three
    Just i don’t know if this will make me look dumb, but i accidentally ordered an LS integra power steering line for my GSR and i wanted to know if there was a difference ? and if so, what makes them so different?
  7. Performance
    I had bought a 97 coupe LS frankenstein, has B18c1 trans (type r) with b16 vtec heads, skunk2 intake manifold and stage 3 clutch. the problem i have is after i speed on the freeway usually after im getting off the freeway and i get to a stop the cars RPMs bounce from around 100 rpm to about 1100...
1-7 of 7 Results