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  1. Generation Three
    My 97 GSR srs light recently came on, I've seen on older Hondas you can read the code using the short-circuit OBD2 hack or with a 2-pin connector short. My problem is that on the underdash of the car (both driver and passenger side) there exists no 2-pin connector, and when I try the paperclip...
  2. Generation Three
    I have a 2001 integra ls that can't pass smog. My evap does not set and I've been only able to set it once. However when i turn my car off all my obd2 sensors reset. I've got the oxygen sensors to set ready but my evap and catalytic won't set and i keep getting rejected at smog. has anyone...
  3. Generation Three
    I had just recently bought an '01 GSR with 89,000 miles on it as a young car enthusiast (17) and im stumped on figuring out whats wrong with my motor and how I can get it running healthy again. It's a bonestock b18b1 with some cheap aftermarket parts in some areas. I had drove the car within the...
  4. Team Integra Project Cars
    Hello, I am researching parts for an Integra (i don't have one yet) but I was wondering if OBD2 (1996+ I believe) is flash tune capable? My friend has a K tuner V2, and I think that flash tuning with a few tunes would be a cool. I have searched all over and couldn't find an answer to this...
  5. Your Integra
    I have a 91 Acura integra converted to obd1. I purchased a 96’ GSR head for LSV. I’ve read back an forth between people saying that 96’ and above are obd2. My question is, can I run an obd1 gsr ecu with the 96’ gsr head (obd2 apparently). To break it down, can I run an obd1 ecu on an obd2 car.
1-5 of 5 Results