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  1. Performance
    I have a totaled 93 ls automatic with a chipped obd1 p28 ecu, I also have a 91 ls auto obd0 with pr4a52 ecu, I'm wanting to drop in the a1 but not sure what to do about wiring, I would like to continue using the p28, I've read about jumper harnesses but I think they only work for 5 speed (I...
  2. Your Integra
    Long story but to get my white GS-R back I had to buy everything the guy had for it including a rusty donor car with a "Rebuilt motor with 60k". The motor is in but I forgot how the cable was exactly ran. Then I wondered what intake this actually is. So an ITR intake will NOT fit on a b18c1...
  3. Generation Three
    My b18b1 engine blew in my 97 integra Ls. It was an obd2. I found myself an obd1 version b18b1 engine that is in great shape that I’m planning on swapping in. I’ve heard the law that you can’t put an engine in older than chassis. But hey! I’m 18, cheap, and found this new engine for only $250...
  4. Your Integra
    I have a 91 Acura integra converted to obd1. I purchased a 96’ GSR head for LSV. I’ve read back an forth between people saying that 96’ and above are obd2. My question is, can I run an obd1 gsr ecu with the 96’ gsr head (obd2 apparently). To break it down, can I run an obd1 ecu on an obd2 car.
  5. Generation Three
    How are y'all doing? i have a 1997/1994 hack vehicle that had the transmission go out in it. I need help identifying the transmission model without the barcode or sticker on top. the sticker on mine has been scratched off. we currently have it narrowed down to either an SP7A OR MP7A...
1-5 of 5 Results