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  1. Generation Three
    I was coming home from school when i started hearing this noise coming from what sounded like the driver side wheel, took it off and jacked it up and it sounds like it's coming from the trans?? pretty new to integras still and really need some help. if it helps it has a gsr trans
  2. New Member Section
    I don’t even have the integra I want yet I’m new to all this I’m starting from here trying to find a integra 1st then turn it into a beast but if anyone wants to even help me get started on where to look or where to go for anything let me know and if there are any groups I need all the help I...
  3. Generation Three
    I had bought my 2000 Integra LS 5spd a few months ago with 180,000 miles on it. Not to worry, I didn't overpay even considering now my mechanic said it has burnt valves and bad cylinder rings. Considering how many miles the block has, and the cost to rebuild my current engine, I have decided I'm...
  4. Performance
    So i’m new to the car scene and If i wanted to turbocharge a stock integra ls what other parts would i need to change? it would be getting around 300hp and can you explain why if you can? i’m trying to learn and still don’t know to much
  5. Performance
    hey guys new to team integra, I've had my 95 gsr for about 6 months now mostly did maintenance to it changed all the brakes and rotors, new oil and filter, fuel filter, all fluids, alignment, tires, replaced and painted a door that was damaged, and a few other things the only "performance mods"...
  6. Appearance
    Hey I'm new to the integra family. I just bought a 97 integra LS sedan for $300 lol.:LOL: I wanna completely modernize the interior. Black leather interior, touchscreen radio, fully digital (like a 2020 Audi or bmw) instrument cluster etc. Anything can be done to a car with dedication and...
  7. 99 Integra GS 5 speed

    99 Integra GS 5 speed . I bought from original owner . I have proof of original owner with the owners manual with 1st owners name on the roadside assistance card inside of it . ALL stock car still has the factory radio inside . Car currently has 171k miles .
1-7 of 7 Results