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  1. Performance
    hey guys new to team integra, I've had my 95 gsr for about 6 months now mostly did maintenance to it changed all the brakes and rotors, new oil and filter, fuel filter, all fluids, alignment, tires, replaced and painted a door that was damaged, and a few other things the only "performance mods"...
  2. Appearance
    Hey I'm new to the integra family. I just bought a 97 integra LS sedan for $300 lol.:LOL: I wanna completely modernize the interior. Black leather interior, touchscreen radio, fully digital (like a 2020 Audi or bmw) instrument cluster etc. Anything can be done to a car with dedication and...
  3. 99 Integra GS 5 speed

    99 Integra GS 5 speed . I bought from original owner . I have proof of original owner with the owners manual with 1st owners name on the roadside assistance card inside of it . ALL stock car still has the factory radio inside . Car currently has 171k miles .