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  1. Projects/ DIY / Article Talk
    Hello everyone i am new to the integra forums and i have a question. I recently just manual swapped my 95 integra se 4dr and the car doesn’t prime the fuel pump or spark it WILL crank but thats about all. Now I've been checking grounds for about 3 days and I'm still stuck. The car would run...
  2. Generation Three
    I got my Integra GSR transmission rebuilt with syncrotech carbon synchros since my 3rd gear was grinding badly. The transmission got fixed but now I have an issue where I can’t down shift from 5th to 4th. If I try to downshift it’ll lock me out of 4th. I can down shift 4th to 3rd and 3rd to 2nd...
  3. Generation Two
    I’m trying to replace the clutch on my DA9, but I’m having problems removing the lower front mount, as I can’t seem to get access to the bottom bolt. I can’t find anything online on taking that mount out, and every video I see on YouTube completely skips over that mount being taken out.
  4. Generation Three
    I have a 2000 ls integra with 136k miles. Its a manual transmission and everytime the car reaches operating temperature it becomes annoyingly hard to shift. In the mornings when the car has sat all night it shifts like a dream. Gearbox feels tight and goes into gear with minimal effort...
1-4 of 4 Results