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  1. Generation Three
    I am one week away from getting my '01 GSR. 152k miles and fairly stock (I'd like to keep it that way). The previous owner installed eibach springs and an injen air intake. I'd like to know about some things I should keep my eyes on and routine maintenance. I've tried looking through the forum...
  2. Generation Three
    Just changed my radiator and one of the hoses that go to the bottom for oil cracked and I’m leaking oil. What’s my best option for fixing it ??
  3. Your Integra
    A few months back I bought a 2000 Integra LS. Shell is in mint condition. But she’s an auto (for now) and has about 195k miles. Since I bought the car. When I’m cruising the car is quiet and fine. But when I lightly accelerate, or punch it to get on the highway. I hear a high pitched...
  4. Projects/ DIY / Article Talk
    I'm going to replace a slightly leaky oil pan gasket on a 96 GSR with roughly 122k miles... do you guys have any recommendations on what other maintenance I should plan on doing with this? Also, any tips for the job would be much appreciated!
  5. Generation Three
    A little history: I was just gifted a 1996 Integra GSR Sedan with a 5-speed manual and I'm super excited to start working on it. I am the second owner. It has almost 162,000 miles. It was sitting for probably somewhere around 10-15 years, only being driven a few times a year to keep it alive...
1-5 of 5 Results