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  1. Generation Two
    I have a b20 swapped 1990 integra LS, but the head gasket just went out. my uncle is giving me a b16a head so i figured instead of just swapping the head gasket i would build a b20vtec. i know the b16a head is from (i believe) an obd2 JDM CTR, but i dont have a dizzy for it. i want to keep the...
  2. Wanted Section - Parts
    So I'm doing a LS-V build with my ls b18b1 and don't know the best way to buy the parts. Im kinda worried getting one on eBay and it being junk. Just would like some feedback or if there's anything to look for to tell if it's good I'd like to hear about it. I'm new to the car world and only have...
  3. Your Integra
    So I’m getting ready to create my Turbo VTec, b18b block with a b18c1 head with type R cams I have everything for the head, so that’s fine but I need suggestions and help finding what I’m missing for my block I have a b18b block that burns oil like crazy, I’m using this motor to rebuild...
  4. Your Integra
    I have a 91 Acura integra converted to obd1. I purchased a 96’ GSR head for LSV. I’ve read back an forth between people saying that 96’ and above are obd2. My question is, can I run an obd1 gsr ecu with the 96’ gsr head (obd2 apparently). To break it down, can I run an obd1 ecu on an obd2 car.
  5. Generation Three
    In the process of putting a new head on LS block b18a. The small hole on the bottom of the head isnt tapped for the high pressure oil port yet. Is plugging this hole necessary for the LSvtec conversion? I'm not entirely sure what the hole is even for so I don't quite understand the impact not...
  6. Your Integra
    hi, i want to put my b16a head on my b18b block and I would like to know what i need for the oil lines, because i'm not sure of how it works. where do I plug it on the head, should I use a sandwich adapter between the filter and the block? Is the anything else I will need oil related? I already...
1-6 of 6 Results