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  1. Generation Three
    Hello again, hope all is well with you guys. My teg has a weird engine reving thing going on, every time I start it for the first time in the day, or after a couple of hours like let’s say I go to work and I get off, it revs itself for a few mins cold 1500-2500 rpm, then just stops after it’s...
  2. Your Integra
    I have a 97 integra LS with a really bad oil pan/oil leaks.. like it’s very bad. I put a few quarts in her every other week. It also burns it. Probably gonna replace the oil pan gasket today and get an OBD scan. But today something strange happened (which has happened before but never turned...
  3. Audio, Security and Electrical
    Hey ya'll new to the forum, and in desperate need of advice...nutshell: 1998 Integra LS, Stock 1.8 B18B1, Manual Transmission. So randomly one day a couple weeks ago my headlights seemed like they were dim, come to find out, it's only the driver side that's significantly more dim than the...
1-3 of 3 Results