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  1. 1997 Integra LS 4dr

    Aftermarket parts I installed -Weaon R Short Ram Intake -NGK plugs/wireset -DC 421 wrapped headers -Skunk2 catback exhaust -Magnaflow catalytic converter -NRG quick release steering wheel -Cleaned/polished stock throttle body -2 kicker cr-v 12" subs -polk audio 6 1/2" -kicker 6x9s -Timken...
  2. Generation Three
    So I have recently just got into modding and building my 97 integra ls. So far I have installed a secret weapon r short ram intake, DC 4-2-1 headers and looking for the best catback exhaust that will compliment my set up. I understand that there are very limited options for the ls sedan and will...
  3. Your Integra
    just bought a 1998 Acura integra ls sedan, it’s got 150k on the B18B1 motor. but the first thing i wanted to do with it was get a new exhaust. but all the company’s seem to mostly make them for the hatchback and the coupes, i figured the exhaust setup is different the sedan so i don’t bother...
1-3 of 3 Results