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  1. Audio, Security and Electrical
    I’ve got a 95 RS and I’m trying to fix the mess the previous owner did with the wiring. Noticed that the driver side marker/corner/running light pigtail was cut off so I spliced one in but it won’t turn on. I checked and I get power to the socket when the bulb is out but as soon as I put one in...
  2. Audio, Security and Electrical
    So I bought an OEM stereo for my 96 integra awhile back and the majority of the lights don’t come on when turned on. A couple Of them work such as the knob lights but the button lights don’t work. I have a spare OEM stereo (no code to unlock so can’t use) that I’ve taken apart for some...
  3. The TI Pit Area
    Hi everyone. I recently got my old stock stereo stolen out of my 96 integra. I found another OEM stereo for my car online. Luckily it works fine, except all the lights on it don’t come on except the one displaying the radio station number, the green light indicicating which preset I’m on, and...
1-3 of 3 Results