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  1. Advanced Tech Corner
    I have a 94 acura integra ls and my fuel rail leaks at the fuel pressure regulator and and when I look online I see nothing that looks like mine but to describe it is on the bolt the pressure regulator screws into there is a washer that’s on there first then a like wheel piece connected to a...
  2. Generation Three
    Recently got an integra and oh boy problem after problem. Problem first, backstory later. Fuel filter is leaking from fuel feed line bolt. Is there anywhere I can get a replacement for that bolt or can I try and reform the threads to make sure it fits? got the car two weeks ago at 165k miles...
  3. Generation Three
    I noticed my temp shoot up one day, quickly reaching to red on the gauge, like 220°F+, but I kept driving anyway because I thought it was a fluke, as I had just installed a new Mishimoto rad and bled the whole system. When I got back home, I lifted the engine just to check it out and noticed...
1-3 of 3 Results