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  1. Wanted Section - Parts
    ISO jdm front radiator support, just need the T if anyone has or knows someone please let me know. Thanks!
  2. Projects/ DIY / Article Talk
    I’ve been looking for one but they seem to be out of stock everywhere I look. Anybody know where I could find one?
  3. Generation Two
    Hello! New to the fourm, if this is the incorrect location please correct me. I recently purchased a DA9 Integra. It came with the JDM one piece headlights. Upon removing them, I see there are no bulbs in there! All the harnesses are there, however. It previously had an HID kit in there that...
  4. Wanted Section - Parts
    Does anybody has a good condition jdm one piece headlight for Acura Integra 1992 for sell? Thanks.
  5. Wanted Section - Parts
    Looking for a Passenger Side fender for a JDM front DC2 integra. If someone has carbon fiber fenders then I might be interested in both. Also interested in the J's Racing wide fenders if they are in good shape.
  6. Appearance
    This guy has some kind of jdm front installed. This is supposedly a 1999 Integra LS but all the jdm fronts I see for this kind of car look nothing like this. Is there anyone who might knows what part this is and if there’s any equivalent I can get for a 2001 Integra LS?
  7. 2001 GSR

  8. Suspension and Brakes
    Hi everyone! This is my very first post here on T-I. I've surfed some of the threads on here from time to time in the past and decided to sign up for my future endeavors with my 2000 Integra GSR! To give a little background on the car - I got the car almost 6 years ago as a trade when I traded...
  9. n

    Advanced Tech Corner
  10. Audio, Security and Electrical
    Moisture/ water in one of my headlights. Does anyone have a step by step how to fix/ reseal these. Thanks.
1-11 of 11 Results