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  1. New Integra LS, Any exhaust suggestions?

    Your Integra
    just bought a 1998 Acura integra ls sedan, it’s got 150k on the B18B1 motor. but the first thing i wanted to do with it was get a new exhaust. but all the company’s seem to mostly make them for the hatchback and the coupes, i figured the exhaust setup is different the sedan so i don’t bother...
  2. Integta b18 first gear problem

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    I have a integra 2001 B18B1 LS (non vtec) the car is drivable but the problem is in first gear my car doesnt want to go as a normal speed would on first gear i already changed the spark plugs (on cylinder 1 it had oil on it) but when i hit on the clutch and accelerate to 1st gear it moves...
  3. Should I get an Integra nowadays?

    New Member Section
    So I just went to look at a LS ntegra today and it was clean and looked well for its price. Im really leaning towards getting it sometime next week, but I have a few questions. First is that since they are reported to have been stolen alot, I wonder if thats still the issue still nowadays and...
  4. Car Wont Start 92 Acura W/ B20B Swap

    Your Integra
    So I'm basically having this issue where I turn the key over and my check engine light stays on the fuel pump is not priming I have changed the fuel pump I have change the main relay. Once I turn the key over my check engine light stays on it could be 10 minutes five minutes or 20 minutes, where...
  5. Help broken/cut off fuel line

    Your Integra
    In the first pic I have the fuel line of where the fuel filter was. My fuel filter top bolt was stuck but eventually I got it off after I twisted the bottom line off.. What should I do? My line is the only thing holding me back from starting the car . I still have the bottom bolt too
  6. Transmission Speed Sensor

    Advanced Tech Corner
    My 1997 Acura Integr GS in an automatic and the speedometer never works, and it also throws a check engine light. I went to autozone to get the check engine light checked and sure enough it was giving me a code for a transmission speed sensor. Note that the car does like to jerk/hesitate...