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  1. For Sale Section - Parts
    Brand New in-box Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs for 3rd gen Acura Integra 1994-2001 including Type R. Part number 4020.140. Appears they have been discontinued by Eibach. Shipping is extra. Pickup is welcome in central Florida. PM me with any questions.
    $235 USD
  2. Generation Three
    Hey everyone, a while ago I noticed that there was a considerable amount of smoke coming from my Tegs exhaust but I never looked into it because it wasn’t a lot. However today I got an air intake and new exhaust and the smoke is 100% more noticeable. It’s a white/blueish color, see through as...
  3. Generation Two
    Hi guys, hopefully someone can give me tips on doing a valve adjustment on a b20 swapped DA. So far I have the tool for adjusting and the feeler gauge, and valve specs for a b20. For rotating the engine to get tdc, do I rotate crankshaft pulley counter clock wise or clock wise? Also I’ve seen...
  4. Appearance
    Hello all. I'm trying to decide on a color to paint my teg, please help me decide. Also, what color wheels would go best with each color? -Supersonic Blue Pearl -Clover Green Pearl -Any color of black As for wheels, I like 5, 8, 10 spoke wheels, something like Konig Control or Dekagram I like...
  5. Audio, Security and Electrical
    Installing a kill switch seems like a must for these cars and I wanted to put one in. Throughout the install process, the kill switch wasn’t working so we took everything off back and back to original. Then the car didn’t start, windows wouldn’t roll up, interior lights and exterior lights still...
  6. Audio, Security and Electrical
    So I bought an OEM stereo for my 96 integra awhile back and the majority of the lights don’t come on when turned on. A couple Of them work such as the knob lights but the button lights don’t work. I have a spare OEM stereo (no code to unlock so can’t use) that I’ve taken apart for some...
  7. Performance
    I recently bought a 1995 4-door Acura integra with a B20b swap. The car had a sputtering issue (started with replacing the fuel filter and replaced the fuel pump + fuel pump relay) which ended up running fine. A couple of hours later, the car shut off while slowing down to park in a parking...
  8. Wanted Section - Parts
    So I'm doing a LS-V build with my ls b18b1 and don't know the best way to buy the parts. Im kinda worried getting one on eBay and it being junk. Just would like some feedback or if there's anything to look for to tell if it's good I'd like to hear about it. I'm new to the car world and only have...
  9. Generation Three
    I’m replacing my wheel hub and tire, i started the car it shook for 10 seconds but both my check engine light and brake light came on. I just put brake fluid in it as well. When i push down on the brakes i hear air pushing out, any help ??
  10. 1997 Integra LS 4dr

    Aftermarket parts I installed -Weaon R Short Ram Intake -NGK plugs/wireset -DC 421 wrapped headers -Skunk2 catback exhaust -Magnaflow catalytic converter -NRG quick release steering wheel -Cleaned/polished stock throttle body -2 kicker cr-v 12" subs -polk audio 6 1/2" -kicker 6x9s -Timken...
  11. Performance
    So I only have this car I really on to get to work. I have 3days off a week to do any work on my car. So far I have put on a weapon r SRI, wrapped 421 DC headers, NGK plugs/wireset, magnaflow cat, Skunk2 catback, hasport mounts, and of course did all my fluids and filters. So atm I'm kinda going...
  12. Wheels and Tires
    Will 15x7 wheels work with stock suspension on a 98 rs?
  13. Wanted Section - Parts
    Hey so I'm looking for a new hood and front bumper for my 95 dc4 and have no idea where to look. Could someone help me out on where to look? or if someone one here has a spare lol
  14. Generation Three
    Hey so one day I woke up and tried to go to work. Started my car but couldn’t put it into gear. So I bought new space and master cylinder. And drained the fluid and when I did lost all pressure which I expected and I put the parts on and fluid in the reservoir but I can’t get it to bleed at...
  15. Generation Three
    i got a 2000 acura integra ls hatch with 222k miles. i dont know much about cars as the average car guy but i want to do the following: -skunk2 short shifter install -new exhaust thats all i got rn but thing is idk what i should look for regarding the exhaust and i dont know how to install but i...
  16. Generation Three
    So I have a 1998 Integra Gs automatic the transmission is going out so I’m gonna get a new one. would a 97 automatic work or does it have to be 98 transmission
  17. Generation Three
    So I was taking off my door card today off my 94 gsr and now my car won’t lock the button locks it like 1/4th of the way but it’s not acc locked and I can forcefully close the switch but it won’t stay there it’ll go back to being fully opened mind you it used to work perfectly fine before I took...
1-17 of 17 Results