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  1. Audio, Security and Electrical
    I’m trying to figure out where I can find the 2 big plugs on the passenger side shock tower that going to the cabin of my integra from the engine harness I need new ones my car caught fire in the middle of my turbo build and I’m trying to save it but this is one of the last pieces I need no luck...
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  7. Generation One
    Need helping bringing my Integra to life. I know nothing about mechanics and I am trying to get more into it with my Teggy.
  8. Generation Three
    Hey so one day I woke up and tried to go to work. Started my car but couldn’t put it into gear. So I bought new space and master cylinder. And drained the fluid and when I did lost all pressure which I expected and I put the parts on and fluid in the reservoir but I can’t get it to bleed at...
  9. Your Integra
    I have a 91 Acura integra converted to obd1. I purchased a 96’ GSR head for LSV. I’ve read back an forth between people saying that 96’ and above are obd2. My question is, can I run an obd1 gsr ecu with the 96’ gsr head (obd2 apparently). To break it down, can I run an obd1 ecu on an obd2 car.
  10. Performance
    1998 integra rs jdm front $5000 B16c5 98 spec comeplte swap ( jdm itr) 40000km $5500 -Engine block & head -5-Speed LSD Transmission (S80) - P73-013 -Exhaust manifold -Intake manifold -Axles with Intermediate shaft -Shifter Linkage -Engine Mounts -Distributor -Injectors -Throttle body...
  11. Generation Three
    I’m new to this forum stuff. but this is my first car and i want to learn how to fix some of the problems myself. but i don’t know where to start??? i have a power steering leak, ac leak, oil leak (can’t stop there can it?) valve seals need replacement, sun roof motor is messed up, my passenger...
  12. Your Integra
    so basically i bought this 2001 integra with some issues. He explained it had a 2000 steering assembly and all the tricks you had to do to start it since he had the sensor hanging below. Well i did some research and found a forum explaining you can break the immo chip off the ecu and drive it...
  13. Generation One
    Hey Guys, I have an 89 integra with dohc d16a1 and sometimes when i first start the car especially on a hot day my tachometer alog with some of the dash lights stops working. Such as my brake light when i put the brake up, and some of the check lights when i have the key on accessories. After...
  14. Generation Three
    Hi guys! This is my first car, I currently have the stock b18b1 in right now. I am getting b18c5 98+ spec complete swap which includes JDM ACURA INTEGRA Type-R (DC2) 98+ Spec -B18C Type-R Complete swap Engine includes: -Engine block & head -5-Speed LSD Transmission (S80) -Exhaust manifold...
  15. New Member Section
    Been using this site for years search section is your friend. I'm from Amish country in western Maryland own 3 Acura cars and basically here to learn more and help those that I can. I've been a Honda/Acura owner engine swap 2 stepping and ripping since I was 18 so I've done somethings others...
  16. Generation Three
    Planning to get an Integra. The main thing I’m worried about is the “high” mileage on what these cars have that is up for sale (130k+). However, I plan to go FBO E85 on the build. But is it worth it on a motor that it comes in (b18 and the high miles)? Or should I swap it? But mind you I don’t...
  17. '98 Acura Integra GSR Turbo

  18. New Member Section
    hey guys, i really need some blueprints for a 2000 honda integra. i need it for a paint job.
  19. Generation Three
    Hello, I recently joined this forum as well as I recently bought a 1998 Integra Gs. After finding some oil leaks and some other minor issues, I discovered this connector touching my alternator belt, eating the belt and wires away (I moved it out of the way). I can’t seem to find a female...
  20. Suspension and Brakes
    Hi everyone! This is my very first post here on T-I. I've surfed some of the threads on here from time to time in the past and decided to sign up for my future endeavors with my 2000 Integra GSR! To give a little background on the car - I got the car almost 6 years ago as a trade when I traded...