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  1. Generation Three
    Now that I have mine converted to obd1 p75 except the injectors, what’s next? I do have a few bolt on like skunk2 66mmtb,sk2 intake manifold, air intake, and hks exhaust. i am planning to get header and cams so I might not get it tune yet. Motor is b20b stock, so do I get a base map first till I...
  2. Generation Three
    There is a squeaking sound maybe coming from the clutch /or trans area and when i push the clutch in jst a little bit or all the way in the noise goes away. my car can not go into gear as well don't know if that squeaking sound caused it or if the cmc or slave is bad. one of my friend told me to...
  3. Audio, Security and Electrical
    I use my cigarette lighter with a common two USB charger plug in but its super finnicky and only works sometimes or I have to jiggle the plug around or press it in deeper to get it to work. Is this common and is there a simple home fix? The whole little section of the dash where it is does...
  4. Generation Three
    I didn't think it would come to this, but unfortunately here I am. About a two months ago after filling my tank up at Costco, I went to start my car and it immediately bogged down and seemed like it might stall. That problem subsided and I ended up making it home no issues. About two weeks later...
  5. Suspension and Brakes
    I have a 97 gsr, doing pads and rotors all around and I'm running into an issue with compressing the rear caliper piston. I'm aware that to compress it you shouldn't use any clamps, just a tool to turn it clockwise into the caliper housing, the problem is that I spin it clockwise and it no...
  6. Appearance
    Found some Honda badges I wanna put on my teg, was wondering if they have to be a certain size for it? For the front and back, or if any badges will work.
  7. Wanted Section - Parts
    Been looking everywhere for oem gsr blade center caps eBay only has 67mm (2 3/4inch) diameters. If anybody has at least 2 name a price I’ll pay shipping. Thanks.
  8. Your Integra
    I also have some thing similar but mine wont go all the way in to any gear or neutral. so i have a 1997 Acura Integra Grs turbo and I can slip it into 3rd only if the car is off. Start the car and it wants to slip out when I let the clutch out. if I hold it in the car will move, but here's the...
  9. Want to Buy 92-93 aztec green GSR

    For Sale and Wanted - Cars
    Looking for the aztec green gsr. Preferably in decent shape bodywise and drivable.
  10. Generation Three
    Hi guys! Can someone help me on my integra, I got a 1994 Integra with a B20 swap. It runs well but now if the engine is hot, it doesn’t run, start good when cold. I recently replace de fuel pump, got a new distributor module and coil and don’t know what else can it be.
  11. Generation Three
    My 97 GSR srs light recently came on, I've seen on older Hondas you can read the code using the short-circuit OBD2 hack or with a 2-pin connector short. My problem is that on the underdash of the car (both driver and passenger side) there exists no 2-pin connector, and when I try the paperclip...
  12. Your Integra
    Hey guys so I recently got a 1996 Ls Acura integra and I was wondering is it okay to run it with regular 85 fuel?
  13. Audio, Security and Electrical
    so i recently bought a shell that’s a ‘96 with obdll and i was wondering if i can use the 1996 ecu on a b18a1 or will i have problems?
  14. Performance
    First post here. I am coming to ask the community because I need help with figuring something out. For background information I recently bought a Hondata S300 off of a guy on Facebook marketplace. Everything looked good until I was watching videos later and looked back at mine for reference. I...
  15. Advanced Tech Corner
    Okay so I got a 96 Honda Civic coupe with a 97 b18c jdm GSR motor w/nos and a p73 type R ecu that has worked great for 6 or 7 years now my issue is this the car starts and runs but number one fuel injector when I put a light on it the light stays on all the rest of the fuel injectors pulsate...
  16. Generation Three
    Hey there! I own a DC4 1995 Integra RS, with a B18B1(Non Vtec), there are 262,000km on the engine, and I have a few bolt on parts such as intake, exhaust, and headers. I want to produce more power without turboing this engine or without getting into too much internal work. This is my first...
  17. Your Integra
    I have a bad metal spinning sound and i thought i was my front brake and rotors. So i changed them all. Still head it so i replaced the bracket and caliper and still heard it so i did the brake line. Its still there… any ideas. I try to get audio but my teggys kinda loud. Its like a rock...
  18. Generation Three
    I have a 2001 integra ls that can't pass smog. My evap does not set and I've been only able to set it once. However when i turn my car off all my obd2 sensors reset. I've got the oxygen sensors to set ready but my evap and catalytic won't set and i keep getting rejected at smog. has anyone...
  19. Generation Two
    I have a 1990 Acura integra da9 with a b20b swapped, it says on the tranny “S1”. I’m planning to flush and fill my transmission with honda mtf but I don’t know how much fluid it takes? I heard people say 2 quarts, while some say fill it untill it drips out of the fill hole. Can someone help me!
1-20 of 46 Results