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  1. Generation Two
    So I've been having an issue recently with my integra. It's a 1992 da9 auto. The key gets stuck in the ignition I've tried thing like bumping the key pressing the brakes and the release mechanism and all don't work sometimes if I'm persistent. But the only thing that works all the time is...
  2. Generation Two
    I have a 1992 Integra LS B18a1. I've been having an issue for like the last year that is RANDOMLY wont start. It could be a cold start or hot start. I can turn the key and it will just click. Kinda like it has a dead battery. but then if i give it 10/15min it'll start. Super annoying but it will...
  3. Generation Three
    Hello friends, I have a situation: when I press the left button, the right button, or both buttons to turn on the interior map lights inside the car, the map lights do not turn on, but the "open door" light on the dashboard comes on. Also, I remember when the car lights were working fine, I used...
  4. Generation Three
    Hey so my 1996 integra wont crank at all, but the car will start when i put my foot on the clutch .my starter is a year and a half years old. I would try to knock on the on the starter while my foot is on clutch but it still would not crank. From a few opinions so far some say its battery and...
  5. Audio, Security and Electrical
    What year ignition switches are compatible with my 96 integra? Will I have to have it programmed?
1-5 of 5 Results